Welcome to Aeroland Aviation Associates
Welcome to Aeroland Aviation Institute, the most extensive and experienced Business Aviation Training School (BATS) in Nigeria on Airfares and Ticketing,Reservations and Customer Service. Our Diploma and Advance Diploma awards set the standard in Hospitality and Tourism Management Programmes.


  • Define IATA geographical areas and Global Routing Indicators
  • Interpret various airline codings
  • Identify differing fare types and their characteristics
  • Select the lowest applicable fare for point to point itineraries with reference to fare rules
  • Calculate fares applying the fundamental principles of the mileage system
  • Construct fares using NUCs and the IATA Rates of Exchange for a range of currencies
  • Interpret all ticket types
  • Interpret all MPDs/MCOs

Aimed at equipping individuals planning a career in the Travel industry. Our Travel Training courses are Passports to the world of travel! Also for practitioners in the Hospitality & Tourism sector, who seek to acquire specialized skills and knowledge needed to improve the quality of service delivery in their organization.


Full-Time Course Dates:
18th Mar 2013 - 19th Apr 2013
29th Apr 2013 - 31st May 2013
3rd Jun 2013 - 5th Jul 2013
8th Jul 2013 - 9th Aug 2013
11th Aug 2013 - 13th Sep 2013
16th Sep 2013 - 18th Oct 2013
21st Oct 2013 - 22nd Nov 2013
25th Nov 2013 - 20th Dec 2013 

-Time(Weekdays) Course Dates:
18th Mar 2013 - 19th Apr 2013

Part-Time(Saturdays) Course Dates:
30th Mar 2013 - 18th May 2013


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